My Relay Year

For my last relay conference we had to do a 3 minute presentation on our year, I decided to write a poem, so here it is…

What can I say?
A full 10 months condensed into 3 minutes of a day
The highlights
The lowlights
The bits in between
A bit of an up and down year it would seem.

But here I am looking back at it all
Knowing that it was God’s call
I’ve studied pretty hard
Learning so much doctrine
Thinking how great is grace and how deep is sin

I’ve met up with students
Ones that are all pretty keen
Building them up and together as a team
We point each other to Jesus
Looking into his word
From Genesis to John and the Holy Spirit as a bird

Falmouth events are always quite fun
Especially out on the beach sat in the sun
With endless free meals
Open mics and lunch bars
I feel equipped to make small talk with even people from Mars

The constant question of “Why does God kill?”
Through ‘text a’ events
With people looking at issues through a search on Google
That verse in 1 Samuel, Exodus, Joshua even
I can recite in my sleep a reason for wiping out a nation

I think one of the things I’m going to most miss
Is weekly supervision
Despite it’s challenges
That person that can see right to your core
Pushing things further when you don’t think there’s more
I’m incredibly grateful for those challenging times
Shaping you and moulding you, and something else that rhymes
I loved many hours spent in cafes
Chatting and studying and drinking lattes
I’ll miss my staff worker and how much she was there
Through questions and excitement and times I couldn’t bare.

Falmouth CU are such a great bunch
Some look up to me, some after me, some even cook me lunch
They want to share Jesus
And put on events
Making my life easier with no bribery attempts

I love deep conversations and questions and thoughts
And thinking through what Jesus says about arts and sports

I think that’s actually a big thing that I will take away
That there’s no subject where Jesus has nothing to say
He has dominion over the earth and the sky
Caring about everything from the lowest to the high
He came down into our filth
Bringing us hope and new life
He sets us free from our sins and trouble and strife

I’ve learnt a lot about God’s divinity
And obviously can go in depth on the doctrine of the trinity
The Father, Son and Holy Spirit in one
These amazing truths we’ve got to think on
We’re invited into the perfect family
Of overflowing love and life and full security
We’re covered by grace
By the blood of the lamb
And this I will take away when Relay is gone

These everlasting truths
I pray won’t leave my heart
That they’ll lift me and assure me on each day I start

And when I begin to think it’s something I’ve done
I’ll come back to the cross
And look at the Son.


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