Could you, would you, should you, leave your phone at home?

This video has gone viral over the past few days – showing the amount people are on social media. Totally backing up what it is about.

But if I leave my phone, on the shelf when I go out – who am I connected with? Who can I find is about? Gone have the days when we all arrange meet ups months in advance (and then stick to them).

I do think this video is worth a watch. I think it’s got some really great points. I’ve seen people sit in cafes on their phones not talking, I’ve been at station platforms with everyone glued to a screen. I’ve been what I feel ignored when I really want a proper conversation and I’ve probably done the same to others too. I am one of them people who pulls out my phone when I don’t know what to do.

Yet in this social media savvy world, aren’t you disconnecting yourself by turning your phone off?

It does scare me at times, thinking about the presence and place social media has. Why is it so prominent in so many people’s lives? What is it about it that draws us in? And keeps us in?

Yes it can take us away from the people we’re currently present with, but it can also bring us to them.

I’m really torn. I know theirs truths in this video, but I think smart phones and social media is life right now and rather than us switching them off, we need to learn how to do life with them well.

As I said, this video has gone viral over the last few days. And what does that show about the impact social media can have? Many people all over the world, coming together to watch one video. Conversations on and offline will and have come through it.

We’ll never be able to 100% weigh up the positive and negative effects of social media. But we can’t escape that this is the world. I’m glad people are thinking about it and that this video will have provoked a lot of people to do so. We need to be aware of the effect technology is having on us. We do need to step back and look at it.

And then we need to think, where can we go from here?

I doubt there will be many that will watch and share this video then delete their fb account…

Technology. Social media. Smart phones. They are life right now. So how do we best do life with them?


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