Has Technology Changed our Prayer Life?

I’ve just read Mike Reeve’s new book* called ‘Enjoy your prayer life’ and thoroughly enjoyed it.

And with reading that alongside reading books on the advancement of technology, it has made me think, what influence has technology had on our prayer lives?

Now, I’m looking at prayer as communion with God and Mike Reeves talks about this relating it to how we communicate with others. So how do we communicate with others?

Face to face, letters, emails, phone calls, text messages, fb, twitter, snapchat, whatsapp… the list is endless…

And just as we can send an instant message to a friend, we can talk to God whenever and wherever. We can ‘send him an instant message’. Now before an advancement of technology, it wasn’t possible to send these instant messages to our friends; social media wasn’t the main way of connecting. It could take days, weeks, or even months to get a message to someone. People had to wait on information and people had to arrange to meet up to say anything at all to each other. It wasn’t possible to update so many people at one time with something that has happened!

So has technology helped our continual conversation with God throughout the day? Are we sending messages to God throughout the day in short bursts like sending a text or a snapchat? I know this is a way that I talk to God, I find it easier to chat to him as the day goes on, as things stick out to me.

Yet has this effected the quality time we spend with God? Even with the ridiculous amounts of communication we have, it still isn’t possible to have quality time with someone, to really get to know them unless you actually sit down and spend time with them! I think we can often be guilty of this, but before technology was this more common? Are we now worse at setting aside longer amounts of time to spend with God?

These are just a few rambling thoughts. But I certainly think the way we’re used to communicating with friends will influence the way we communicate with God.

I would love to know your thoughts or experiences on this!


*(You can get Mike Reeve’s book here for just ¬£2.54!)


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