Costa. Hmmm that Naked smoothie looks nice. Oh but I really should go with something I can only get in Costa. Glance at the menu… already overwhelmed. Hot? Cold? Definitely cold. Ooo an iced mocha! Oh but there are mocha coolers… What’s the difference? Ah yeah I remember. I’ll go for the iced mocha.

But the Naked smoothie…

Actually I could have a peach lemonade. Or, a strawberry lemonade?

But, I do like iced mochas. Hmmm do I really want coffee? Or do I want something fruity? I think I want something fruity.

But do I? (Try to imagine each taste in my mouth)

The barista sees me still standing looking at the menu.

I state that there is more choice here than anywhere else and I just don’t know what to do.

The queue is lengthening… The barista doesn’t look amused. I’m not sure she understands my current state of despair.

So, she asks me questions… Hot or cold? Cold. Have got that far. Coffee or fruity??

I don’t know. I just don’t know!

The pressure.

Got to choose.

Right. Gonna go for it.

Peach lemonade.

Barista: Are you sure? No, of course I’m not sure! Please don’t question it as well. Barista: Medium? More questions, more decisions. Surely you realise I can’t make anymore.

Small peach lemonade.

Did I make the right choice? Is that what I want?

Spend the rest of my time wondering if I did.


And this was just for one drink.



*I’m gonna spend the next couple/few (not decided yet) blog posts thinking about decisions. Why do I find them so hard? Surely they don’t have to be? I can’t be the only one! And how actually does the gospel help me in this?*


One thought on “Decisions.

  1. You’re definitely not the only one!
    Should I get what I usually get or try something new. If I get what I always get, I know I will like it but will I feel disappointed with myself for my lack of spontaneity, but if I try something new, I risk not enjoying my meal/drink/music choice, etc!

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