The Privilege of Relay

I was at my church growth group last night and the students were sharing about the leaders training weekend they’d just had. One of them shared about how him and the other CU presidents in the SW had done a bible study together in the morning. And this is all before an 8:30 breakfast! (Who says students sleep all day??) I couldn’t contain the big grin that came over my face. My heart literally does warm and jump at the love of Jesus that the students have that I get to work with.

Another point at the weekend was seeing members of the CU praying together after a session on serving as leaders. They all joined hands where they sat and prayed about how to lead as Jesus taught. This was yet another point of that immense proudness and just amazement of what I get to be part of.

CU’s are fully student led and I get to support them and help them on their mission in their own lives and on campus. Encouraging and getting alongside them as they share Jesus with their friends. I love opening up the bible with them, praying with them, seeing them grow, seeing them get to know Jesus more and hearing the stories of the opportunities they’ve had to share the hope that we have in Jesus with their friends.

I remember before I did relay someone said to me that it’s a big thing and a great thing to sacrifice a year. Yet I remember saying that day, I don’t see it as a sacrifice, I see it as a privilege.

And I stick by that.

Yes it’s not always easy, but I get to walk alongside these students, spending time learning more about God and coming closer to him whilst teaching them and encouraging them and bring involved in everything they’re involved in. It really is amazing. And it really is a privilege.


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