Is Connection Conversation?

I’m conscious that I’m never far away from being connected with people. Without me wanting to make too many assumptions here, I’m presuming the fact that you’re reading this blog means that you’re probably on the same page as me. You’re waiting at a bus stop, or you’re on a train and you don’t know what to do, so you reach for your phone yeah?

You send a txt, read an email, browse fb or twitter. That is the normal way of filling pauses in life right?

But is this connection with people actually conversation?

How much do we think about a response, edit, delete and retouch messages?

In a conversation with people, this just isn’t possible! You can’t process everything you’re going to say before you say it. You can’t edit, delete, or postpone you’re response. Yet this is what we’re constantly doing when we’re responding to people through technology every single day. Is this just cultivating mere connection rather than conversation?

And how many people dislike the fact that people can know when you’ve read their fb message. I don’t think I’m the only one to postpone reading a message then it doesn’t have that dreaded ‘seen’ yet no response…

We are so in control of what we say and I think we like that. Yet this is so far from face to face conversation. I know for me it’s often in the reflex answers or the hesitations that I reveal the most about myself. It’s probably very often in those times that people really see me.

Can we be connected honestly and openly? In a way that helps us to get to know someone better? Or are we all just in control of what we say and who we communicate with?

This Ted Talk by Sherry Turkle is really great and it’s what got me thinking… It looks at some of these thoughts and furthers them to think about how lack of conversation with others is effecting the abiity for us to have conversation with ourselves resulting in us not being able to be alone. I’d definitely recommend giving it a listen!



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