A new year. A new term.

A new year. A new term.

After a pretty lazy but nice Christmas, I hit the new year with a study week followed by our second Relay conference. I have to admit, going back was hard and as us relays in the south west sat around the table on our first day of a study week we realised how much we all needed new energy and motivation for what was ahead. Yet a week together, writing talks in Malachi, studying about the cross and preparing a fun relay workout for Relay’s got talent was a great way to begin.

And this was followed by our Relay 2 conference. Not being a fan of repeated small talk I was a little apprehensive, I was looking forward to the talks and seminars but the breaks in between not so much! However, after a day I soon settled into wanting to talk to people and just felt as though I was in a real family. There are over 70 of us Relay workers in the UK and it was great to be with people who know what day to day relay life is and feel connected with and supported by people all over the country (plus Scotland, Ireland and Wales!)

Relay 2 was the most incredible week. I loved it way more than I expected to and didn’t want to leave at the end, although I knew the teaching we had received was such long term stuff that would help me in not just the term ahead but all through life. I absolutely loved looking at Malachi throughout the week, seeing the actions of God’s people at that time and seeing how much of God’s character we are exposed to in looking into his response and how his plan for the world is still going to continue. Also, looking into what mission is and why do we do it, and by actually glorifying God today we are coming into a greater reality of who we are, as that is the direction of all creation. It was a week full of highlights and I feel a great encouragement to us all!

I returned to Falmouth on Monday and being back with Falmouth CU and Jo (my supervisor) is so great. I feel I understand more how much of a great opportunity this year is, not just to have an impact in the lives of people around me, but having the time to study God’s word and come into a fuller understanding of who he is. This is an opportunity that not many people get and I want to really grab it this term. After realising how much I have learnt last term, I’m excited for what else I’ll be learning next and for seeing what these next few weeks hold.

Watch this space!


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