Coffee Shop Culture

After 2 weeks off and then a study week and conference, I just haven’t spent anywhere near as much time as I normally do in coffee shops, and I am actually really missing them! It has taken me back to thinking of when I came back to England after 4 months overseas and with culture shock, the only thing I felt I could really relate to was cafés. There was just something universal about them, they seem to have their own culture, there own feeling that is the same everywhere. At that time I wrote this poem and then from that choreographed a dance with my friend Katie Dale-Everett, furthering and deepening my discovery and clinging to something that was familiar and fascinated me.

I found a photo of the programme with my poem, under the title we called our dance… ‘Behind Open Doors’

Maybe you can relate to coffee shops in a similar way? Do you think they have their own culture?



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