Falmouth Christian Union have their events week coming up next week and I’m excited! It’s called Feedback as it has been created from questions and feedback we have received from students we have talked to here on campus.

I just wanted to share with you the video and plan of the week. Please be praying for Owen and Lois as they come to speak, for courage for students to invite their friends, for opportunities for great conversations and for people’s hearts to be open to hear and respond to Jesus.

Check out the video!

And the week plan…




Is Connection Conversation?

I’m conscious that I’m never far away from being connected with people. Without me wanting to make too many assumptions here, I’m presuming the fact that you’re reading this blog means that you’re probably on the same page as me. You’re waiting at a bus stop, or you’re on a train and you don’t know what to do, so you reach for your phone yeah?

You send a txt, read an email, browse fb or twitter. That is the normal way of filling pauses in life right?

But is this connection with people actually conversation?

How much do we think about a response, edit, delete and retouch messages?

In a conversation with people, this just isn’t possible! You can’t process everything you’re going to say before you say it. You can’t edit, delete, or postpone you’re response. Yet this is what we’re constantly doing when we’re responding to people through technology every single day. Is this just cultivating mere connection rather than conversation?

And how many people dislike the fact that people can know when you’ve read their fb message. I don’t think I’m the only one to postpone reading a message then it doesn’t have that dreaded ‘seen’ yet no response…

We are so in control of what we say and I think we like that. Yet this is so far from face to face conversation. I know for me it’s often in the reflex answers or the hesitations that I reveal the most about myself. It’s probably very often in those times that people really see me.

Can we be connected honestly and openly? In a way that helps us to get to know someone better? Or are we all just in control of what we say and who we communicate with?

This Ted Talk by Sherry Turkle is really great and it’s what got me thinking… It looks at some of these thoughts and furthers them to think about how lack of conversation with others is effecting the abiity for us to have conversation with ourselves resulting in us not being able to be alone. I’d definitely recommend giving it a listen!


A new year. A new term.

A new year. A new term.

After a pretty lazy but nice Christmas, I hit the new year with a study week followed by our second Relay conference. I have to admit, going back was hard and as us relays in the south west sat around the table on our first day of a study week we realised how much we all needed new energy and motivation for what was ahead. Yet a week together, writing talks in Malachi, studying about the cross and preparing a fun relay workout for Relay’s got talent was a great way to begin.

And this was followed by our Relay 2 conference. Not being a fan of repeated small talk I was a little apprehensive, I was looking forward to the talks and seminars but the breaks in between not so much! However, after a day I soon settled into wanting to talk to people and just felt as though I was in a real family. There are over 70 of us Relay workers in the UK and it was great to be with people who know what day to day relay life is and feel connected with and supported by people all over the country (plus Scotland, Ireland and Wales!)

Relay 2 was the most incredible week. I loved it way more than I expected to and didn’t want to leave at the end, although I knew the teaching we had received was such long term stuff that would help me in not just the term ahead but all through life. I absolutely loved looking at Malachi throughout the week, seeing the actions of God’s people at that time and seeing how much of God’s character we are exposed to in looking into his response and how his plan for the world is still going to continue. Also, looking into what mission is and why do we do it, and by actually glorifying God today we are coming into a greater reality of who we are, as that is the direction of all creation. It was a week full of highlights and I feel a great encouragement to us all!

I returned to Falmouth on Monday and being back with Falmouth CU and Jo (my supervisor) is so great. I feel I understand more how much of a great opportunity this year is, not just to have an impact in the lives of people around me, but having the time to study God’s word and come into a fuller understanding of who he is. This is an opportunity that not many people get and I want to really grab it this term. After realising how much I have learnt last term, I’m excited for what else I’ll be learning next and for seeing what these next few weeks hold.

Watch this space!

Coffee Shop Culture

After 2 weeks off and then a study week and conference, I just haven’t spent anywhere near as much time as I normally do in coffee shops, and I am actually really missing them! It has taken me back to thinking of when I came back to England after 4 months overseas and with culture shock, the only thing I felt I could really relate to was cafés. There was just something universal about them, they seem to have their own culture, there own feeling that is the same everywhere. At that time I wrote this poem and then from that choreographed a dance with my friend Katie Dale-Everett, furthering and deepening my discovery and clinging to something that was familiar and fascinated me.

I found a photo of the programme with my poem, under the title we called our dance… ‘Behind Open Doors’

Maybe you can relate to coffee shops in a similar way? Do you think they have their own culture?


“I’m not being negative, I’m being realistic.”

I used to be an incredibly negative person, every comment that would come out of my mouth would be negative, every positive thing someone else would say I would throw back at them. I had a really good friend who used to try and stop me, she would constantly bring up every negative comment with me. Yet when she told me to stop being so negative, I’d disagree, saying “I’m not being negative, I’m being realistic.”

I didn’t get how much rubbish that statement is until recently. And I owe a lot to that friend for bringing up every time I was negative and helping me to be a more positive person. It certainly wouldn’t have been easy work for her!

Because, actually being realistic is just fitting in with what the world is saying all around you. It’s not stepping out, it’s not taking risks, it’s not going for dreams.

def. Realistic – interested in, concerned with, or based on what is real or practical.

Being realistic, is settling for what you know, what you know other people around you also know. And where are the dreams in that?

What dreams do you hear that are realistic? People get afraid to share them because actually if you think about it then there are always a million and one reasons that you can’t do something. A million and one reasons why something can’t happen.

When I have thoughts like this coming to me, I reach for my bible, I try and get God’s perspective.

Is God ‘realistic’?

The creation of the world? Realistic? The flood? Realistic? Separating the waters of the red sea? Realistic? Jesus being born in a stable? Realistic? Him dying on a cross, for us? Realistic? Him rising from the dead? Realistic?

The reasons I can’t always get my head around them, is because, in fact, they aren’t realistic. God’s plans are beyond our understanding. The way he works, we can just never grasp. And that includes the way he can work in our lives.

Ephesians 3:20 “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us”

God can do immeasurably more.

That means we need to not just stay away from being realistic, we need to dream big dreams, times then by a 1000 and then go for them.

I’m bored of realistic. I’m bored of fitting in with what the world says. I want to dream, and not only dream, but to go for them, make them happen and change how people define ‘realistic.’