Just Keep Swimming!

God has been teaching me a lot of things recently and so I just wanted to think and write through a few of them!

1. I need to work for God and not men.

Doing things so I can tick it off as done seriously doesn’t help! I’ve been struggling a bit with my study and I’ve realised I’ve been approaching it with completely the wrong attitude. I’m learning that the study is there for my own benefit… Something that should be obvious right? And doing it because I feel I have to and so I can say I’ve done it isn’t actually helping me. But trying to approach it saying ‘how does this help me love Jesus more’ and praying to just know him more in it completely changes how I go about it and the effect it has. Going about my work because that’s what I’m meant to be doing ends in me not looking forward to it and it seems like a massive chore and it’s draining. People pleasing as a motivation really isn’t a good one. I just need to approach my study with the simple prayer of God what do you want to teach me in this? And also come back to the fact that God is pleased with me and he just wants to spend time with me and he wants me to get to know him more and this year is a massive opportunity to be able to do that.

2. I can’t master God.

This links into my study and is something I read in my study on the word of God the other day too.

“We cannot turn God into another item in the dictionary, subject to human investigation, just as we might feel that we come to ‘master’ Shakespeare by studying his plays and poems.”

And I think this is exactly what I’ve been trying to do. I’ve been seeing study as a comprehensive and something that I need to understand all of. Thinking I need to get through it all and I need to be able to get it. But by doing this I’m putting God in a box. I’ve been attempting to master him rather than let him teach me as a master to me.

And as it said in my study “Any human attempt to master God, rather than be a servant mastered by him, is inexcusable idolatry.”

I can’t and really shouldn’t be putting God as an ‘object’ to study.

And I also don’t need to understand everything! We literally can’t ever understand everything, so I know I need to just try to understand what I can and go into it with a more positive attitude rather than closing myself down to it immediately.

3. I need to be honest and ask for help when I need it.

I hate asking for help. I like to be independent and just go about things how I want to go about them. (My mum will definitely vouch for this!) I don’t like people helping me with work. So having to send off study responses and look over bible studies and talks etc with someone is actually something I find hard. I’d rather just do something and that be the end of it. Feedback and and actual discussion rather than just markings of correction on a page is something I was pretty uncomfortable with and scared of. But I’m learning that it’s ok to talk through something with someone and to work on it together and to begin to let myself be helped.

4. God likes me.

So I knew God loves me, but he loves everyone right? To think that he likes me actually feels more personal to me. And of course he does, I’ve got a new nature through Christ. The Father looks at Jesus and likes him doesn’t he? So he looks at me in the same way. Which I can never get my head around. It’s just such crazy and awesome stuff! And he’s created us so of course he likes us!

5. The bible is indescribable.

My eyes have been opened to the awesomeness of the bible. Nothing in it is there by accident. And the amount of themes that are intrinsic throughout the whole bible, through different books years apart written by different people, it’s just mind blowing. I am just so amazed by it right now! I genuinely can’t believe how much is in it.

These are definitely just some of the things. It’s such a journey, and not necessarily and easy one, of learning more about God and about myself and being willing to be changed and grown. (Not always something that I’m willing at…) Being challenged in areas certainly isn’t easy, But when you’re opened to areas of growth then you can then actually grow in them. So praying I will be open!

As Dory would say… ‘Just keep swimming…’

I felt a little light hearted video was necessary =)


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