Relay highlights so far!

Being able to help with all events.
I have just had so many God ordained meetings and conversations. Be that with Christians or people who aren’t Christians, God has really put people in my path every single day. I haven’t even had to really think about people that I would like to meet up with, God has just been placing people in my life that just need someone to chat to or that want to learn more.

Seeing links between what I’m studying and questions I’m being asked.
I had a conversation with a guy at an event the other day and everything he asked me was linked to what I had been studying that week and even that day. And being asked by students what I’ve been up to and being able to share different things that I’ve been learning through their questions or other people’s questions at events and continuing to learnt from them too!

Being able to have time to really care for people.
Not having a degree on my shoulders make such a difference. Just knowing in my head that I could meet up with people to chat more over coffee has changed my way I go about conversations, approach others and relate to a lot of people around me. I feel I’ve got time to get to know students on a different level and God has increased my compassion to see people grow and have new friendships and just love people that I meet.

Having a friend as a boss.
It’s so great to have someone that I’m accountable to, especially since that person is someone I know will guide me along the right path and be honest with me (whether that honesty feels nice or not at the time!) It’s good to have someone that will be blunt with me at times but someone that has my best interests at heart and that I can talk to about whatever and that I really respect. I definitely didn’t like having someone ‘in charge’ of me at the beginning but as we work together I greatly see the benefits!

Basically just being a relay worker.
I think by having a relay role it has made me approach things differently. It is definitely nice not having to organise things but just being at events to talk to people and help out where I can. Making the effort to talk to different people I think has been the most rewarding thing I could have done so far. I can’t believe how many great conversations I’ve had and how many people I have got to know on more than a surface level from just one or two conversations. I’m not sure if my demeanour has changed, or I’ve got better at asking questions or if God’s just broken down barriers. But I have had so many incredible real conversations with people in such a short space of time!

I’m pretty much loving relay right now! Although I’m sure there will be times when I will need to come back to these highlights and see them as highlights again!

I hope to blog some great freshers fortnight stories soon! It has been a pretty exciting couple of weeks.


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