Starting Uni

So 1000’s of students are starting university this month… personally I think this is one of the biggest transitions in life. For me it was a time of moving 7 hours away from home, for the longest amount of time I had ever been away, to a completely different place, not knowing anyone, not having a clue what to expect and not even knowing how to scramble an egg! University is it’s own unique world. I don’t think there is anyway to actually be prepared for it. This transition is seen by many as a way to become a ‘new’ person, to ‘re invent’ themselves. But many aren’t quite ready for everything that it throws at them. People get sucked into ways that they were sure they would stay away from, the freedom can be too much and what really have you got to lose in this new place where no one knows you? Others might want to start afresh, be a ‘better’ person. As you enter a new environment, meet new people, start a new course, have to clean and cook and learnt to be independent; you are challenged to think about how you look at things. Change is inevitable. And with change comes new challenges.

When I started uni, I was completely blessed by having had been able to get in touch with the Christian Union before I came (not that I had wanted to, but God had different plans and got me to make one of those spur of the moment decisions at a youth conference in the summer) and I made connections that would start me off on the path that was the best path to go along. That doesn’t mean I didn’t still struggle with the many temptations that uni brings, but it brought me to the place where I had people around that were supportive, and with that, an amazing, relaxed environment where I was free to just be me. Faults and fears and craziness and all. And looking back and at where I am now, God had bigger plans that I could ever anticipate in just that initial push to link up with the CU.

In the next 2 weeks we have got many many events as Falmouth freshers start uni. I’m really looking forward to meeting lots of new people and being able to get alongside them as others got alongside me. I’m also looking forward to the many exciting conversations that are had from events like text a toastie, question for a cookie and tea and toast.

In a place where people are experiencing the most ‘freedom’ they may have ever had, it is exciting to be able to share about the real freedom that is found in Christ. The security that my identity is in him and through that I can go into these 2 weeks reminding myself of that and thinking ‘what actually have I got to lose?’

Here’s a list of all the events happening, have a look at what’s going on, it’d be great to have people praying for them!

Freshers Week 1 Freshers Week 2



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