Relay One and Forum

So Relay started with one of three conferences with all the relay workers from across the UK. I wouldn’t say I was scared to start relay, I like meeting new people and I’m not exactly a shy person but I definitely had my reservations about it. One of my expectations was that everyone would be the same; super knowledgable and conservative and I wouldn’t fit in. But I couldn’t have been further from the truth. Relays are such a big mix of people; quiet, loud, crazy, sensible, extroverts, introverts… the list goes on. Some became Christians at university and others have been Christians as long as they can remember. And the mix of church backgrounds is also massive. After a few days you could literally feel everyone relax and settle into this new group of people.

From leading and being a part of bible studies, being in theological talks, equipping talks and practical sessions, having set quiet time and prayer time with your room mates to playing ultimate frisbee, basketball, jungle speed and hiding logs in peoples beds; it was an incredible week on so many levels.

Being in a secular environment over summer to being on a relay conference wasn’t an easy transition but it definitely created a journey of a week.

After 6 days of a relay conference, Forum hit. 1,200 CU leaders coming together to be equipped for living and speaking for Jesus in universities all over the UK. This is just an absolutely awesome environment for CU’s to focus their eyes on God, realise the incredibleness of what Jesus has done for us and learn about living for him; whilst praying together, planning missions weeks and getting to know each other more.

There is so much packed into the 5 days of Forum and we all certainly go away with many action plans and feeling refreshed and ready to enter a new year with the vision to give every student on campus the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel.

A highlight of the week for me was World Missions Night. George Verwer, the founding director of OM, came to speak and we prayed for the nations and many stepped up to respond to God’s call to take his word to all corners of the world. God was really challenging me that night to not be fazed but to pray BIG prayers and I had the priviledge of joining in prayer with many girls for extremely exciting things that God was putting on their hearts.

It was so exciting to see such a diverse group of people together getting equipped and ready to follow our missional God on to university campuses all over the UK. Please pray for them as they reach out to the tens of thousands of students starting university this month.

I’ve returned with soo many new books, lots of notes, a lot of new great friends and most importantly my eyes and heart refocussed…

And so the year commences!


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